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In 2017, everyone including me, is looking for a sleek fitness tracker that can be doubled and worn as a watch. Dozens of fitness watch brands were present at CES 2017, but only a few caught my attention. I was especially curious to learn more about the Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch, since Misfit’s Vapor Smartwatch won multiple awards this year such as best wearable tech and top pick of CES 2017.

After wearing Misfit Phase, here are some key takeaways:


  1. This is an analog hybrid watch, which means it combines a classic and modern feel. It’s perfect for those who don’t want a digital face, but want an activity and sleep tracker as well as a calorie counter.
  2. Phase will vibrate upon receiving notifications when connected via Bluetooth with your mobile device. It’s easy to recognize the type of notification such as texts, calls, and social media with independent colors in a circular window at the bottom of the watch face. There are also notifications when you reach a milestone (i.e. number of steps in a day), or haven’t moved within an hour. From your smartphone, you can also set wake up alarms, which will make your watch vibrate.
  3. There are two buttons on the side of the watch. The bottom button function, called the “misfit link” could easily be the coolest part about the Phase; it controls certain features from your phone. The “misfit link” can connect to your camera, music, be a clicker for presentation, initiate a work out activity, or you can custom set it.
  4. Phase is water resistant up to 50m.
  5. Sleek and stylish, with interchangeable bands.
  6. Battery can last up to 6 months, until replacement needed.


  1. There is a heavy dependence on the app for most of the functionality. The only way that Phase is able to operate as a smartwatch is when it is connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. This means that you can’t go for a run without the app present syncing all the information.
  2. Although the notifications window at the bottom of the face of the watch is color coded, the window itself is small which makes it hard to see the color clearly (again, need your phone).
  3. The top button doesn’t share any other functionality as the bottom button, only to pair to phone.
  4. Phase is only resistant up to 50 m. For a smartwatch that could also track swimming, it could be more resistant especially since there is no open port for charging.
  5. Watch face is hard to read in the dark, the hands don’t light up or have glow in the dark capabilities.


For $195.00, the Misfit Phase is truly a classic timepiece, it has an elegant feel with a few extras for fitness tracking. Overall, I would recommend this watch for those who want a minimalist feeling smart watch.