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Mojio Allows Users To View Their Vehicles Performance

mojioMojio, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, displayed their Connected Car Device at the Los Angeles Auto Shows Connected Car Expo Tuesday. The transmitter device which allows users to connect to their vehicles in a way that was only available to their mechanic to find out how your car is performing.

How the device works is by connecting it to any vehicle model year 1996 and above into the vehicles On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-II) port and with adding a simple mojio application to your iOS or Android via the store the user will be able to read the vehicle data from the vehicle.

Milage, fuel levels, manufacture recalls can all be seen by the Mojio device via the app. The device features the following:

3G Connection

Unlike other devices that rely on bluetooth and drain your smartphone’s battery, Mojio’s always-on 3G connectivity ensures you and your car are always connected, even when you’re miles away.

Location Tracking

Instead of relying on your phone, Mojio’s built-in GPS engine can tell you exactly where your car is at all times – even if you aren’t in it. From massive parking lots to overzealous valets, Mojio makes it easy to monitor your ride.

mojioApps For Your Car

Mojio is the world’s leading platform for connecting cars, which means an ever-expanding ecosystem of mobile apps for our community of drivers. Together, we’re making your car more and more like your smartphone.

Vehicle Diagnostics

The health and status of your car is constantly being monitored by Mojio. If something does go wrong, you are immediately notified with detailed information, so you can head to the shop with confidence.

Recalls & Maintenance

By analyzing your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Mojio provides helpful maintenance advice based on the make, model, and year of your car. It will even inform you if your car has been recalled, so you can act quickly and stay safe.

Driving Analytics

Whether you’re behind the wheel for business or pleasure, Mojio utilizes trip-based data to help you understand your driving habits, enabling you to improve your skills and save money.


This is the fancy word that describes a device that measures motion. Mojio can tell if your car accelerates too fast or if you’ve slammed on the brakes. This helps you learn about your driving habits – or about the habits of anyone else you let behind the wheel.

Data Privacy

Mojio’s privacy policy is the best in the business. We will never divulge consumer or personal information of any kind about our customers to any party for any reason without explicit permission or initiation.

Mojio is currently on available for $149.00 and 3G cellular service is provided by AT&T. For more information on the device please visit https://www.moj.io.

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