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Beverly Hills, CA – On Friday August 5th, Monoplasma gave a group of Angelenos a taste of their sound at their S.O.S. CD release in the Gibson Showroom. Their new single from SOS, “InvasiÓn” is available on all platforms and digital stores.

While Monoplasma may not initially ring a bell for Mexican rock fans just yet, the two musicians that comprise Monoplasma are Victor Monroy and Cesar “Vampiro” Lopez, who both come from renowned backgrounds that will surely give listeners a clue.

Victor Monroy originally from Mexico City has been admirably recognized as a songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist for the rock band Pastilla. Victor has a solid presence in Los Angeles because of Pastilla; Pastilla was the first internationalized Latin rock band formed in Los Angeles.

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Vampiro originally from Guadalajara, can be easily identified due to his sharp guitar playing style. He recorded and performed with significant and legendary Mexican rock bands such as Maná, Gerardo Enciso (“Cuentos del Miedo”), Azul Violeta (“América” and “Globoscopio”), Jaguares including “Bajo el Azul de Tu Misterio”, Live and Studio, “Cuando la Sangre Galopa”, “El Primer Instinto” and “Crónicas de un Laberinto”.

To say Monoplasma is a culmination of Vampiro and Victor’s background influences is an understatement. Vampiro shares his excitement, “I like to open doors, music is super wide open and I don’t like to be static in just one style. I think if you’re playing different styles especially with different musicians, you play different and leave that comfort zone, and you play differently.”

He goes on to explain how this project has been completely different from anything he’s done before—including the style of music.

Monoplasma did not appear out of thin air, it started with a friendship that Victor and Vampiro shared for many years. In 2011, their friendship reached new heights when they decided to create music together. The artistic collaboration of Monoplasma was a yearlong process, in which Rafa Sardina (winner of 12 Grammy’s for his work with artists like Elvis Costello, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Sheryl Crow and Juan Gabriel) was the recording director, Enrique “Bugs Gonzalez” (Jumbo, Los Lobos) played drums, and Alfonso Rodena (winner of 3 Grammy’s for his work on Tigres del Norte) mixed the album.

Monoplasma is a combination of many factors which has truly created something fresh and invigorating. The result? Magic.

Be sure to follow Monoplasma as they begin their tour in the U.S.!