Mother Mother speaks minds in new album “No Culture”

Addiction, politics, division and the byproducts of societal influence mix with the quirky sounds in Mother Mother’s new album No Culture released on Friday, February 10  via Def Jam Recordings.

The album comes as the sixth edition for the Vancouver, indie five-piece.  No Culture emulates the band’s earlier days on their first release Touch Up, an album that is cohesive by its eccentricity and an assortment of sounds. But one thing remains distinct from the mostly acoustic Touch Up to the palate of No Culture—the prominent synthesizers blended with a taste of rock and a surging alternative pop like established in previous effort Very Good Bad Thing.

No Culture starts off with an explosion in the rock drenched track “Free,” that settles into “The Drugs,” a track that unleashes one of Mother Mother’s secret ingredient of lyricism, written by frontman and guitarist Ryan Guldemond. Soaked in imagery “The Drugs” offers “We could float around this space/We’d be above all of the pain in ecstasy.”  Picking up momentum with the far from innocent “Baby Boy,” serves a second helping of images with “I’m a little kid with a big death wish/ I bite the lips, the lips that kiss,” but reveals the band’s next item on its lyrical agenda of the metaphorical references to the damaging effects of the current culture. This can be demonstrated in the drum driven “Everything is Happening” as it alludes to the Middle East, the government and “the Americas are hooked on drugs.”

But in No Culture Guldemond’s lyrics are not just comments about societal influences as they are those of personal reflections too, heard best in the prescriptive “Love Struck.”  Guldemond said in a Def Jam Recordings press release he wrote this track during the height of his depression and after experiencing an episode of writer’s block.  But let one thing be clear, no matter the circumstances “Love Struck” was written under, it is one of the peppiest tracks No Culture brings to the table, especially since collectively the album has a bit of a dark side.

No Culture can be purchased on through the Mother Mother website.

No Culture Track Listing:

  1. Free
  2. Love Stuck
  3. The Drugs
  4. Back In School
  5. Letter
  6. Baby Boy
  7. Mouth Of The Devil
  8. No Culture
  9. Everything Is Happening
  10. Family

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Empty Hands
  2. Worry
  3. Cut The String
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