MouseMingle – Find Happily Ever After

Disney fans looking for “happily ever after” don’t have to look much farther. Thanks to the popularity of dating apps/websites and Disney dates, MouseMingle was born. This new dating website was designed for Disney fanatics to meet others with the same interests and passions about the beloved parks or movies as they do. Many are saying that this is the premier spot to try and get yourself a Disney date, meaning no more being a solo Annual Passport “single” rider.

The website was founded by Dave Tavres and has now become the newest dating website to be talked about. In a time when dating websites and apps come and go, there is no telling how long MouseMingle stay a hot topic, but for now, it is the only dating website being talked about. The website is pretty straight forward and is free to create a profile and start browsing the long lists of princes or princesses waiting to swap favorite Disney quotes and songs with. When creating a profile, you set your picture just like any other website but then you rank your overall “Disney nerd level” and your Disney shopping habits, something unique to this new site.

But like most dating websites, MouseMingle does require a membership to be able to communicate with matches. The monthly membership as of right now is set at $12.55. Fun fact, the “55” in the membership fee is to supposedly represent the year that Disneyland first opened, in 1955.

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