The IT Movie’s Haunting Virtual Reality Experience

Attention: Scary Movie Fanatics

You’re walking down a dark street in the middle of the night and the lights begin flickering. You feel a sudden chill running up your spine from the cold misty wind gliding through your shirt. The smell of the night dew on the grass becomes familiar but an unfamiliar feeling comes crawling into your stomach like a hairy tarantula crawling up a tree.

All of a sudden, a shadow comes out from a pitch black hole from underground and the street lights begin to give sight to the unfamiliar. As it becomes clear you see Pennywise the clown!

If you’ve ever watched IT from the 1990’s then this virtual reality video will definitely give you goose bumps. With technology evolving now we can actually be apart of the thrill, running away from Pennywise.

Warner Bros. Pictures has given a whole new meaning to scary movies. They have made the audience apart of the journey that may almost seem unescapable!

The IT virtual reality experience is a tease of what the actual movie has to offer, plus anyone can watch it by simply going on YouTube or Facebook where you can share it with your friends!

IT will arrive in theaters on September 8th.

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