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The Foo Fighters have surprised the music world with a new EP. Their new EP, “Saint Cecilia”, was released earlier this week and is available to download for free. The EP has five new songs from the band and is their newest music release since their album “Sonic Highways” in 2014.

The five new songs on the EP all have a classic Foo Fighters sound that fans know and love. The whole EP is only 18 minutes long, but it definitely feels like a whole album since the songs all flow really well. The first track on the EP is the title track “Saint Cecilia” which starts off with Dave Grohl’s raspy vocals that are then backed with a heavy guitar and then the chorus brings in the drums and back up vocals. This track is catchy and seems like it’ll be a radio hit. The next track “Sean” starts off fast paced and has a very 90’s sound to it. “Savior Breath” is the next track on the EP and starts off blaring a heavy guitar riff. This one is very guitar heavy and has Grohl growling lyrics throughout the entire song. The guitar solos in this showcase the band as musicians, not that they need any credibility, but it shows that even after all these years they can still pour out great solos with no problem. The next track is called “Iron Rooster” and starts off very slow and builds into an acoustic guitar strumming with Grohl’s haunting voice bringing in the lyrics. This is the slowest song on the new EP and shows off the more acoustic sound of the band. The last song on the track “The Neverending Sigh” starts off really low, almost with no sound but a soft hum of guitar but then turns into a heavy head-banging hit that fills the speakers with the perfect last song to rock out to.

This new album is the perfect blend of new music that still has the classic sound that all fans love. All five tracks on the new EP will become fan favorites and most likely new radio hits since they have great guitar riffs and catchy lyrics that you can actually understand, unlike some rock bands. “Saint Cecilia” is available on all streaming sites for free.