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Mystic Manor at Mystic Point PosterMystic Manor is the latest high tech attraction that has soft opened at the new Mystic Point at Hong Kong Disneyland


Disney Imagineering opened the latest attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland, Mystic Manor. The attraction is a re-imagined look at the classic Haunted Mansion attraction that can be experienced at many Magic Kingdom parks. Mystic Manor is located in the new themed land known as Mystic Point which officially opens on May 17.

This is the final piece of an expansion to the theme park which started with the addition of Toy Story Land which opened in 2011 and Grizzly Gulch which opened last year with the attraction Big Grizzly Mountain.

In this version of the attraction the story Mystic Manor is Lord Henry’s stately Victorian mansion and private museum, which is home to his extensive array of fine art and antiquities. Open to the public, guests can tour his home by boarding his latest invention – the “Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage” – in order to view the more than 7,000 artifacts in his collection. However, when Albert, Lord Henry’s pet monkey, opens a peculiar music box in the museum, all of Mystic Manor’s contents magically come to life.

As you experience the attraction you listen to a soundtrack by Academy Award winning composer, Danny Elfman and features a new ride system, a trackless ride system, which is one of the most advanced that has been built. It combines innovative special effects, state-of-the-art technology that can only be found in Hong Kong at this point but will soon make its way to Disney theme parks soon.

A special look at the new attraction and the new high tech special effects can be viewed below with video from Alex Yeung and HKMrCHui with some photo’s provided by Disney.

Mystic Manor – Hong Kong Disneyland:

Mystic Manor Photo Gallery:

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