Mythic Quest Cast and Creators Discuss Diversity in Series

As season two of “Mythic Quest” nears its finale with the characters relationships and jobs becoming more complicated, the show has become an even more accurate (however silly) portrayal of navigating office life.

The comedy series follows a video game studio that has created a multiplayer online role playing game, Mythic Quest. The series explores frustrations around office hierarchy, maintaining individualism and workplace drama. Essentially, there is something for everybody.

Apple TV+ hosted a Q and A for the original series, where the cast and creators discussed the surprisingly fun time they had creating the comedy.

The event began with a screening of the first two episodes of season two, largely focusing on the development of Rachel’s (played by Ashly Burch) and Dana’s (played by Imani Hakim) relationship, and Poppy (played by Charlotte Nicdao) adjusting to her new role as co-creative director.

With the exaggerated antics of office place shenanigans and shifting power dynamics, “Mythic Quest” clearly proved favorable to an audience of adults. The bursts of laughter proved that the story is not only well written, but the cast also perfectly embody their characters.

With a diverse cast portraying diverse personalities, it comes to no shock that the cast enjoy their work. 

Ashly Burch explained her love for the “layers” the different characters have. “Rachel has tremendous amounts of ambition”, but is distracted once she gets in a relationship with Dana, Burch said.

Rob McElhenney, who plays Ian Grimm, co-creative director of Mythic Quest and co-creator of the series, explained that portraying “interoffice politics” as a “40 year old white man or gay woman” has tested the cast and crew on how they can “grow in an everchanging world”.

Danny Pudi, who plays Brad Bakshi, head of monetization at Mythic Quest, discussed his excitement to see his character go from the “villain of the office” in season one to a more playful character in the second season, with the origins of his character’s “evilness” explored. 

The second season also saw the directorial debut of co-creator Megan Ganz, a testament to the series’ dedication to diversity.

With “Mythic Quest” offering laughs and diverse characters, fans are eager for a third season of the comedy series.

“Mythic Quest” is now available for streaming on Apple TV+.

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