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NanoTech and Best Buy Partner for UHD Campaign

Lets make no mistake: everyone loves high definition. Fuzzy pictures from a giant television with a thick glass screen and tubes are a thing of the past.

But imagine if high definition became like the fuzzy picture of the past? Imagine—if you can—a television with an even better picture quality.

That has been an emerging reality thanks to ultra-high definition (UHD) technology coming to televisions. In conjunction with Best Buy, NanoTech Entertainment will showcase its UltraFlix 4k streaming capabilities in beautiful UHD. And the best part: you can enjoy this experience at your local bar.

Best Buy and NanoTech will feature the technology at select local hangouts for patrons to experience 55” LG, Sony, and Samsung televisions in beautiful UHD. They also promise this to be an event-like atmosphere complete with games, gift card giveaways, and more. In addition, an expert Blue Shirt from Best Buy will be on site to share the fun facts on the next TV trend.

UHD promises to make scenes like these more vibrant for future home theater experiences.
UHD promises to make scenes like these more vibrant for future home theater experiences.

NanoTech’s Aaron Taylor stated, “We’re very excited to leverage our investment in 4K Ultra HD content. UltraFlix will be front and center at these demonstrations. No matter what 4K Ultra HD brand television consumers buy, they will be able to access the UltraFlix library for the biggest and best 4K Ultra HD library available through the embedded Smart TV version or by connecting the Nuvola NP-1 4K Ultra HD streaming set top box.”

These events are already underway and will take place throughout the fall in Los Angeles Washington D.C., Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Miami and New York City. Two events in Los Angeles will take place at the State Social House. The first will be on Saturday, October 4 and the second will be Sunday, October 19. For a complete list of cities and venues hosting the event you can see the schedule here.

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