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MUSE’s Michael Sandoval sat down with Natalie Rebot the creator of Moonlite, A Bedtime Story Projector for your mobile device.

Inspired by her daughter’s love of shadow play before bedtime, mother and former Google veteran, Natalie Rebot created Moonlite, a children’s story book projector that attaches to almost any mobile phone and uses the flashlight function to project vibrant story images onto the ceiling or wall. It brings storybooks to life with a modern twist on traditional storytelling that both children and parents fall in love with.

The concept is so brilliant you will be wondering why you didn’t invent it yourself.  When paired with the Moonlite app, parents can easily read the words to the story while projecting images plus add several other magical features, including sound effects, for an immersive storytelling experience.

The story time projector shot into the stars earlier this year when it was launched on where funding goals were surpassed ten-fold, with more than 40 Million views to date on the product’s original promotional video. As a result, Moonlite caught the attention of retailers, celebrities, receptive mothers and eventually Spin Master who embraced the partnership, bringing her in house to leverage Spin Master’s resources.

Moonlite works with iOS and Android devices and is currently being sold at Target Stores or Target online or on Amazon by clicking here or the picture below.

Michael Sandoval

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