Neithan and Cuis Lerda drops new single ‘Travieso’

Up and coming music artist, Neithan releases new single “Travieso” (troublemaker) in collaboration with Cuis Lerda which invites fans to get into a troublemaking mood.

On this track, both artists Neithan and Cuis merge their urbano and classic hip hop sound to create a new vibe. The lyrics of Travieso describe the mood you get into once you let go of an ephemeral romance and decide to get a little naughty and mischievous. The pair, who are longtime friends, have been in the studio cooking a collaboration for a long time and this new track is sure to be the perfect anthem for some summertime fun even bringing the Modo Traviso (troublemaker mood).

Neithan is distributed by Slowly Entertainment which is a independent label and distributor from Monterrey, México. Founded by Adrian Be, Zizzy and Phynx. And Cuis Lerda is signed to the independent label “No Pedí Permiso” based and Found in Monterrey, México.

A little more details about Neithan is he’s a 19-year-old DJ, Producer and Songwriter. His music projects is dedicated to change the dynamic of what’s been doing with the Mexican music scene. He collaborated with many of the greatest talents of México like, Zizzy, Neqer & Jay Lee from the M-Pop Anti-boyband AQUIHAYAQUIHAY; Beam, Pinky06 among many others. Also working with the independent label Slowly, being mentoredship by Adrian Be. Focused on discovering new sounds and adapt them to his way, Neithan has no fear to experiment with new and different rhythms that will for sure catch your attention.

As for Cuis Lerda, he’s an artist who looks to change the Mexican music industry through music and business. Through his involvement as a key player in the creation of the new Monterrey Music Scene he was in front and behind some of the most interesting music projects in the city. He is known to be the leader of music collective “No Pedí Permiso” (Featuring acts: nsqk, Cesxr, Cookiez & more) and an artist focused on rap and hip hop music which embodies the sound of his life and city. In 2020 he released his “Cuislife” EP which features collaborations from all of his labelmentes and positioned him in the mexican scene as one of the main acts to follow in the Monterrey Rap Scene.

You can find and listen to the track on either Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and Deezer. Stay tune for more upcoming content and follow our social media.

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