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New iPhone for Christmas? Protect it with Tech Armor!

Some of you woke up Christmas morning to find that Santa gave you that new iPhone 6 you have wanted since it was released in September of last year. Now you can finally take advantage of all the new features that come with your shiny, new, pristine phone that looks oh so beautiful out of the box.

But your phone doesn’t stay that way forever, does it?

We use our phones everyday. Its inevitable that it may one day get dinged while sitting in our pockets as we go about our day or it gets dropped by accident when we get a case of the butterfingers.

And the scratches! Oh the scratches!

We all know that whenever we buy our new phone, we want to protect it for the time that we are going to keep it. Our phones can withstand the punishment of everyday life, we just want to make sure that they look great while doing it (while making sure that it will still turn on after the occasional or frequent fumble).

For those seeking a case to protect their new, precious iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Tech Armor provides the perfect solution with their line of iPhone 6/6 Plus cases that are protective and stylish for your Apple Smartphone.

And the entire line, from top to bottom, is affordable while providing exceptional quality.

Tech Armor provides three popular choices of their iPhone 6/6 Plus cases: Flexprotect, Slimprotect, and the Active Series Case.

The Slimprotect and Flexprotect cases feature thin profiles that don’t add unwanted bulk and size to your iPhone. The Slimprotect is the thinnest of the whole line while the Flexprotect is made of a flexible yet durable plastic material to protect your phone from drops. It even features added grip on the case to ensure those drops don’t happen in the first place. The aforementioned cases enable users to see the beautiful design of their iPhone 6/6 Plus through a clear plastic casing for the back of the phone.

Active Series Phone Case Image property of Tech Armor
Active Series Phone Case
Image property of Tech Armor

Finally, the Active Series Case from Tech Armor provides the most protection for your iPhone while still maintaining a surprisingly minimal profile around your phone.
M.U.S.E. has had the opportunity to test the Tech Armor line of iPhone cases on their own new iPhones and found the Active Series case to be their favorite. Its sturdy construction and seamless fit make it an obvious choice for anyone interested in providing the best protection. It should be noted though that we were pleasantly surprised to find that all the cases we reviewed were exceptionally tough.

The best part? Tech Armor’s cases range from $14.99 to $19.99, making their quality an exceptional value for consumers. You do not have to spend in order to protect your already expensive phone (especially if you bought it yourself).

We here at M.U.S.E. continue to use the Tech Armor cases and highly recommend them to those looking for an affordable and durable iPhone case. The Tech Armor line of iPhone cases can be found on the here on the Tech Armor website.

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