New Music Video Premiere for “Daydream” by The New Regime

Ilan Rubin Daydream The New RegimeThe New Regime, made up by solely the talented Ilan Rubin, released his new music video for the song Daydream with Paste Magazine on Monday June 3rd! Check out the video here

On the “Daydream” video, Rubin says, “The lyrics to ‘Daydream’ describe a place where nothing seems real and life doesn’t seem to move forward. Without trying to put literal images to these lyrics, we wanted to find a real place that looked unlike anything else.” He adds,

“We went to the Salton Sea and surrounding areas which looked like they had been abandoned ages ago and had a fun and filthy time shooting over three days. The result, the ‘Daydream’ video.”

Rubin was the drummer on Paramore’s recently released album Self-Titled, and is expected to go on a world tour with Nine Inch Nails. Despite having worked with these amazing artists, including Angels and Airwaves, Rubin has always used any little free time he had available to create his own music. Every note and every sound is either played and/or sung by him in the two albums he has already created – Coup and Speak Through the White Noise. He has done the same with his third project Exhibit A, except he is taking a different approach with the style of the music for his “Exhibits” series.

The track “Daydream” is from The New Regime’s third studio project titled Exhibit A, which was released worldwide on May 7th 2013. Exhibit A is the first part of what will be Rubin’s “Exhibits” series. To purchase Exhibit A on iTunes, click here: Exhibit A is composed of eight songs that are a mix of organic sounds and electronics. On Exhibit A, Rubin explains that “Lyrically a lot of the songs on ‘Exhibit A’ are meant to paint a picture for the listener rather than tell a story and I think that comes across well in ‘Daydream’”.


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