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New Star Tours Is Set To Open At Disneyland Resort

Star Tours
Photo By: Michael Sandoval/M.U.S.E. – Music Unity Sports Entertainment

Updated Star Tours attraction to open at Disneyland in June

The wait is over for the fans in Florida and everyone in Southern California will not have to wait much longer as the new Star Tours: The Adventures Continue opens on June 3 at the Disneyland Resort.

The new motion simulator ride is a brand new experience thru the Star Wars Universe. The story is based in between episode 3 and 4 and as you enter the ride building you will notice the spaceport has not changed much from the old version of the ride. You will notice though a new screen that projects the previews of destinations that the tour line takes you around the galaxy. The newest part of the new show building is the baggage area. In the baggage area you see the familiar worker droid scanning the different items. If you look carefully in line at the baggages you will see some very interesting items especially the lovable robot WALL-E. You also see the REX the original pilot in a luggage container with a defective strip being sent for repairs. After you walk up the ramp and you pass the security scanning robot that sounds familiar to actor Patrick Warburton you pick up your 3D glasses and wait to board the attraction. What sets this attraction apart from other motion simulators of its kind is how every time you board the attraction you are never sure of which destination you will get. If you do not want to know what occurs on the ride and see it first hand for yourself please pass these couple paragraphs.

Star Tours Starspeeder
The new Starspeeder 1000 takes guest on a journey in the Star Wars Universe. Photo By Michael Sandoval/M.U.S.E. – Music Unity Sports Entertainment

When you take off in the new Starspeeder 1000 you will soon find out that C-3PO has gotten locked into the shuttle and will now have to pilot the craft because you find out that in the shuttle is a rebel spy that you need to transport to the rebel safe zone. In one of the scenes your stopped by stormtroopers and scanned by a droid and when the stormtroopers realize your transporting the spy you follow the Millennium Falcon out of the hanger and through a space zooming in and out of the Star Destroyers and other ships being chase by Imperial Tie Fighters until you enter lightspeed.

When you come out of lightspeed you see the planet Hoth in front of you as you enter the planet atmosphere and in the middle of a battle as in the “Empire Strikes Back.” You fly in an out of the Imperial AT-AT Walkers until your hit and crash on the snow and stop at the edge of a cliff. The transport falls over the edge and the ship sleds down the hill and eventually your back in space as you receive a transmission from either Princess Leia, Admiral Ackbar or Yoda. They all give you a message of about the rebel spy in the transport and how important it is to the rebellion that he get to the safety of the rebel base.

R2-D2 gets the destination and you travel thru lightspeed to your next destination which was the planet of Geonosis and a meteor field. Waiting for you as you get out of the jump from lightspeed is the bounty hunter Boba Fett and he chases you thru the meteor field into the unfinished Death Star flying in and out of the planet and as you exit Boba Fett is waiting to blow you away as he fires a seismic charge and you hit the charge back at him as it explodes and you jump to lightspeed.

The final seen after you light speed your are with the rebel armada as you land in the ship as the staff say thank you to C-3PO for delivering the rebel spy safely. There are up to 50 different adventures that you can experience in the ride this was just one example other planet that you can visit are Tatooine were you are able to feel what it is like to be in a Pod Race. Kashyyk the planet that Chewbacca came from and explore other Wookies on the planet. Naboo the home planet of Queen Amadala and the Gungans when you ship arrives on this planet you explore the sky’s and seas of the planet. You are also able to experience the battle over Coruscant as you then land on the bustling planet.

Overall, this is an attraction you must ride and definitely one of the best motion simulators in any park so far. It is a major improvement over the older attraction that had thrilled fans for over 20 years. This will be a major attraction for the park this summer and for summers to come. Disneyland is open 7 days a week and you can find more information on the new attraction and the park at Disneyland.com.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

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