Electrolit Keeps Festival-Goers Hydrated For New York’s Governors Ball

It’s New York’s biggest summer party weekend. If you are lucky enough to score a ticket to New York’s Governors Ball, then you know beating the heat and staying hydrated is a big concern. New York’s heat and humidity are no joke and can easily end the party prematurely. Luckily this year Governors Ball has partnered with Electrolit to keep music fans hydrated and the party going.

Photo Courtesy of Electrolit
Photo Courtesy of Electrolit

Place prominently and conveniently within the festival, Electrolit is like a hydration oasis serving up a bevy of colorful premium beverages for festival-goers to keep cool and stay healthy. “Electrolit’s conveniently placed activation station will help to enhance the overall experience and well-being of festival-goers,” explained Jake Sloan, Sr. Marketing Director of Electrolit US. He adds, “meaning they [festival-goers] can dance, sing and make lasting memories while knowing Electrolit’s scientific formula will help replenish and restore the body’s essential minerals and fluids, providing much-needed
hydration.” This means that fans won’t have to go far in order to get rehydrated and recharged so they can keep the fun times flowing.

Electrolit is formulated to aid in the recovery of a hydro electrolytic imbalance, fulfilling metabolic and hydration needs. It is carefully crafted with magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium-glucose, and sodium lactate. It even has six ions for electrolyte absorption to help in recovery when electrolytes and ions are low thus providing complete hydration to replenish the body. Every 21 fl. Oz bottle contains 326 mg of electrolytes as well as real glucose in order to prevent and treat dehydration by targeting electrolytes and ions to promote observable re-energization.

Photo Courtesy of Electrolit
Photo Courtesy of Electrolit

Electrolit, the preferred premium hydration beverage, knows about thirst and how to quench it. The drink was originally developed to aid patients recovering from illness back in the 1950’s in Mexico during a virus outbreak. Since then, Electrolit, with its scientifically formulated and premium ingredients, has become the preferred hydration beverage by athletes and party-goers as a recovery drink. It can provide relief and restore the body after sickness, physical activity, extreme heat exposure, or hangovers.
Pisa Pharmaceuticals, the largest pharmaceutical company in Mexico and Latin America owns and manufactures Electrolit.

Electrolit is available in 15 delicious flavors, from its newest flavors Mango and Blue Raspberry to Coconut and Fruit Punch as well as its Zero-Sugar options. Currently, it can be found in national stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and online. Electrolit, the go-to recovery drink, can also be found across the nation in Walmart, Target, 7-Eleven and ShopRite.

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