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A new musical collaboration between Nicky Jam and the “master” of the Dominican dembow, El Alfa, promises to become the new summer anthem.

The two Latin-music superstars reunite and bring to life “Pikete,” a song about a woman who seems unattainable because of her beauty and attitude. The song’s official videoclip is out and full of mystery that will leave viewers surprised until the last shot. Directed by Jessy Terror and production house Cinema Giants. The lighting, performances, and camera shots will make you think that you are enjoying a cinematographic piece because the idea is to take the fans to an abstract and robotic universe.

“Pikete” marks the fourth time that Nicky Jam and El Alfa work together musically. Their songs “Nadie como tú,” “Segueta remix” and “A correr los Lakers” have a combined 90-million views on Youtube, and most recently El Alfa was a guest on Nicky Jams The Rockstar Show.

Born from the composition of its interpreters Nicky Jam and El Alfa, along with Slow Mike, Luis A O’niell and Juan Diego Medina Vélez, under the guidance of La Industria Inc. “Pikete” is available to stream on all your favorite platforms.