Nirvana’s “Nevermind” Turns 20

On September 24 in the year 1991 an album that would not only change the world but the way you think of music was released by a three piece band, Nirvana from Seattle, Washington. Nirvana was the band and when that and the album was called, “Nevermind“. The album hit stores and it changed the way we looked at music and videos over night. Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain was the band at the time when the album was released and produced by Garbage band member Butch Vig.

It was not the bands first album though it was what placed the band on the map. Their first album “Bleach” is what launched them to popularity in the Seattle music scene. The band was not complete with Chad Channing being their drummer at the time but when production started in 1990 for the Nevermind album they recruited Dave Grohl a drummer who played with the band Scream. During the recording of the album Butch Vig would play drums for the band on some of the songs off the album as he caught up to the sound and could record. Vig said on the recording of the album, “The guys (with pre-Grohl drummer Chad Channing, who left because of creative differences) drove non-stop in this old van they had and just (hit the studio and) started playing,”. “I remember Kurt had a cold. He’d do one song and blow his voice out. So it was slow.” the work ethic of the band was incredible determined to make an a great album.

Dave Grohl said about the band , “We practiced five or six nights a week, playing the songs over and over. We were determined to make a good album.” When the album released and the first time people saw the video it changed the hair band girl looking guys into a real music natural look and sound that was a wave that changed everything to what was called, Grunge. At one point the band ran out of money and left to Tacoma, Washington to try and perfect the sound. Novoselic says about the experience, “We found this barn that someone had tried to make into a studio”. “But it was warm, and our apartment wasn’t. It was isolated. It was late winter and rainy, and we had nothing else to do except play for hours on end, with just this boombox to record what we were doing.” If you ever hear that session that was named the boom box session it is so interesting to hear the development of a band and album.

Bands like Pearl Jam, Sonic Youth, and Soundgarden were in the mix of this movement that help make rock strong again and lead to the rebirth of punk a couple years later. The band pureed their hearts into the album and in every track you can here the perfection of music that related to so many youth. A couple years later we lost Kurt Cobain and Nirvana was no more but for the short amount of time that they were in making music they can easily be in the same ranks as The Beatles, The Door, Rolling Stones to name a few.

In honor of the 2oth Anniversary of the album Universal Music Group they are rereleasing the album in in three different packages. The album itself, a deluxe edition with additional songs and unreleased tracks from the band and a box set that has the album plus a DVD of the bands performance at The Paramount Theater. This special release will be out this Tuesday at store every were. Though if you go to your local independent record store you may find the album already on sale.

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