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Jeff Fisher Rams

Photo by Michael Sandoval/M.U.S.E.

“L-A Rams! L-A Rams!” was chanted by the hundreds of Rams fans gathered at the Dallas Cowboys training facility in Oxnard, California, Monday to witness the first of three joint practices between the two teams this week.

Coupled with chants, fans were sporting the yellow and blue jerseys of old, including Eric Dickerson and Jack Youngblood.

Monday’s practice included some pushing and shoving but nothing too violent.

Tuesday’s practice ended early.

Sticking to the theme of an NFL joint training camp practice, there was a full-scale brawl.

Though no one was seriously injured, Dallas franchise receiver Dez Bryant was punched squarely in the nose.

Tuesday’s repercussions included Wednesday’s practice to be cancelled.

Instead the Rams visited a naval base in Port Hueneme Wednesday.

The main focus of the practices, was of course on the teams, but aside from the scrimmage and brawling was other fun for fans.

Local football teams benefitted from selling snacks.

The Rams still have preseason games against the Titans, Colts and Chiefs before their home season opener with Super Bowl 49 runner-ups Seahawks.