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We have all heard of a saying “The Grass is always greener on the other side.” Grammy nominated Jamaican and Reggae artist Noah Powa, released his single “Greener Grass” on December 31st. The catchy Reggae anthem has reached the U.S. iTunes Top 20 Reggae charts.

Powa throughout the years had become more recognized within the Reggae community. In his new single, he shares with his fans and the world a message of knowing your value and having “self-worth” while being in a relationship with someone else.

He begins the song by saying, “Self-worth is the best worth, love yourself first. Don’t still get hurt.” Powa on social media has opened up to his fans with this song about starting the new year getting out of a toxic relationship. In an interview with South Florida Caribbean News, Powa explained the message of his single, “Sometimes you might feel less than because your partner is stepping out to what might look like greener grass, but you just have to know you are still valuable.” 

Fans quickly connected with his new single on a personal level, Powa has not announced whether there will be a music video coming soon. This may be a teaser for his fans.