NOFX releases first album ‘First Ditch Effort’ after four year gap

Los Angeles’ senior punk rockers NOFX will release long-awaited album First Ditch Effort via Fat Wreck Records this Friday, October 7.

With career that started in the 80s, this will be the thirteenth effort for the band but for the first time after 33 years, the LP will grant fans with an intimate, all-access look into the personal lives of Fat Mike, El Hefe, Eric Melvin and Smelly.

But don’t be fool because “sappy” doesn’t even come close to describe First Ditch Effort.fat953_cover

Despite the raw honesty Mike bleeds into tracks such as “Generation Z” that features the voice of his daughter Darla as he pleads for societal changes as a concerning father and “I’m So Sorry Tony” a heartbreaking song eulogy dedicated to Tony Sly, deceased friend, fellow father and front man of No Use For A Name, the LP overall raises its middle finger in angst and for self-acceptance in true NOFX fashion.

And yes by fashion that means in First Ditch Effort Mike is in confession to cross-dressing in anthem “I’m a Transvest-lite.”

Produced by Cameron Webb and inspired by the band’s memoir “The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories,” the LP offers experimentation in sound and rhythm especially apparent in “California Drought,” as it welds together throttling, off beat guitar and drums over a symphonic trumpet solo.  The track also begs the question of a comeback as it is riddled the images of dryness, while Mike states lyrically “like the California drought I am drying out.” But it is clear that even after a four-year gap between Self Entitled and First Ditch Effort, NOFX floods out the rest.

First Ditch Effort also adds shots of witty lyricism that masterfully ties serious themes of drug, overdose deaths and cancer with hints comical relief, best demonstrated in a 90s revival track “Oxy Moronic,” as it   not so subtly implies that doctors are drug dealers. This idea is poke fun at in the newly released music video that very well could double as a TV ready ad, if it was not meant for laughs.

NOFX will hit San Diego’s Waterfront Park on October 22. Tickets for the show can be purchased here.

Track Listing:

  1. “6 Years on Dope”
  2. “Happy Father’s Day”
  3. “Sid and Nancy”
  4. “California Drought”
  5. “Oxy Moronic”
  6. “I Don’t Like Me Anymore”
  7. “I’m A Transvest-lite”
  8. “Ditch Effort”
  9. “Dead Beat Mom”
  10. “Bye Bye Biopsy Girl”
  11. “It Ain’t Lonely at the Bottom”
  12. “I’m So Sorry Tony”
  13. “Generation Z”
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