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It’s been one week, since the surprise release of Bad Bunny’s and J Balvins collaborative album. Since then all of the eight-tracks, have each been debut on Spotify “Global 100 chart.” A record first, for a Latin album. And simultaneously soaring to #1 on Apple Music Debut in the U.S. Latin Market, as well as in Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Columbia and others.

In a special bilingual New York Times “Art” Cover, the two Latin stars where referred to as; “Ambassadors of A New Wave… of The Increasingly Global World of Popular Music.”

Rolling Stone calls the album; “a blockbuster collaboration [from] two of the biggest artists on the planet… J Balvin and Bad Bunny [Have] Made the Album of the Summer… ‘Oasis’ is their global victory lap.”

This collaborative album, worthy of critical praise and accolades. Has perfectly curated tracks, to give listeners an image of what Bad Bunny and Balvin, envisioned when recording these tracks.

“I’ve been traveling all over the world the last few months, and anytime it started to feel overwhelming, I’ve been able to listen to the tracks we created, and instantly return ‘Home’ to our own musical paradise. I’m so glad the time has arrived where fans can now share those same new vibes with us.” – J Balvin

The music video for the track “Que Pretendes.],” already has nearly 20 million views on YouTube, is on the top 100 on the iTunes Charts and currently at No.34 on the Billboard Latin Charts.

“Oasis is a transcendental and refreshing album; it is a rescue, a relief. An Oasis helps you to supply yourself with what you’re missing and to find what you lack spiritually; this is what this album represents. We have been working on it for a long time, and finally, we found its moment. Working with J Balvin has undoubtedly been an unparalleled experience, I have always admired and respected him a lot and we have had an excellent vibe throughout this whole process.” – Bad Bunny