On the Run ll Recap: Beyoncé and Jay-Z Conquer Second Night in LA

The favored On the Run Tour ll tour made it’s last stop in Los Angeles last night at the Rose Bowl (Sept 23), and it was filled with memorable moments. The Carter’s Beyoncé and Jay-Z know how to put on a show.

DJ Khaled, an opening act, to start with got the crowd jumping as soon as he took the stage. Playing some of his biggest No.1s from “Wild Thoughts,” “Im the One,” and “For Free, to mixing a couple of throwbacks from the Notorious B.I.G. and DMX were the perfect set of songs to excite the full stadium. He also brought out a number of surprise guests, including Ella Mai, YG, Fat Joe, and Tyga who took us down memory lane when he performed “Rack City,” and gave us a taste of his newest song, “Taste.” Random moment of the night: Khaled exiting the stage on a Bird scooter.

Beyonce and Jay Z OTR II
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“The Gangster and the Queen,” as the Carter’s like to call themselves, didn’t keep the crowd waiting for too long. Just 10-minutes after Khaled’s set, the words “THIS IS REAL LOVE,” displayed on three big screens, leading into a short film giving us a glimpse into their personal life. Videos of the couple lounging in bed, walking on the beach, and bonding with their children flashed on screen. Of course, when the new babies were shown the crowd went wild. Followed by that were the words “THE CHASE,” “LOVE IS UNIVERSAL,” and “ON THE RUN” appeared, along with more videos of the Carter’s getting into sorts of romantic mischief, playing into their Bonnie and Clyde personas. The music to “Holy Grail” started and the two gracefully entered the stage and began.

The Carter’s kept the crowd on their feet singing and dancing for nearly three hours. Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z had their equal amounts of shine time, performing each of their own greatest hits and also their collaborative tracks. They definitely paired their songs well together, giving each section of the set list a theme. “On the Run Part Two,” and “Bonnie & Clyde” were played together setting up a more romantic theme as the couple walked down separate runways on the stage. Jay-Z’s “Clique” transitioned into Bey’s “Diva,” creating a militant-trap sounding beat and highlighting their independence. Beyoncé’s “Feelin Myself,” “Flawless,” and “Naughty Girl,” transitioned into Jay’s “Big Pimpin,” making sure that a light was shown on both their ego’s. Of course, Beyoncé had her Lemonade moment, performing “Sorry,” and “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” reminding each and every one of us that any man would be crazy to let her go. Jay-Z immediately performed “99 Problems” after that, reminding us that a B**** is certainly not one of his problems.

The couple truly celebrated their romance on stage however, exchanging passionate looks with each other, holding hands, and sharing smirks throughout most songs. It seems as if their most powerful moments are when they stare each other in the eyes and you can see that there is strength in their relationship through the music they make.

Also, does Beyoncé even get tired? She danced from beginning to end, non-stop. From shaking her hair, to shaking her butt, to dancing on a chair then to dancing on the floor. Without a doubt, she is a great entertainer.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z  have a short break until The On the Run ll Tour resumes for it’s last four shows, starting in San Diego on Sept. 27.


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