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One Championship, which is Asia’s number one sports media property companies, has just recently garnered the accomplishment of being ranked within the top ten sports properties in the world via Nielsen.

With its headquarters in Singapore, One Championship has developed the world’s largest martial arts organization hosting bouts across all styles of martial arts such as mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, kickboxing and many more. Not to mention the company plays a major role in the esports community as well. 

They have done so through their  constant growth on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. With their followers and viewership expanding to over +113% on all three platforms due to the engagement analytics. Ranking #7 overall in total engagement across all sports platforms.

In cumulative television reach they are at #3 being the European Premiere League and UEFA Championship League. Fourth in video viewership at 6.1 billion views, behind UFC and the NFL. For Facebook engagements One Championship comes in 5th behind the NBA, Football leagues such as LaLiga, EPL and UEFA. 

Majority of their efforts of expansion and remaining towards the top came during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This included a quarter of the year without any global events. Nielsen will soon solidify themselves as not just one of the top companies but the reigning competitor for years to come.