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MUSE TV recently talked with Other World Computing (OWC) Director of Marketing, Chris Kooistra about the latest coming from the company after CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

OWC believes that environmental stewardship is not only the right thing to do for future generations, it also makes good economic sense. OWC has worked tirelessly to build sustainable practices into all levels of our business operations. The economic reality is that, with careful planning and a little team effort, sustainability is synonymous with success.

OWC has always sought to provide customers with products that allow them to maximize the longevity of their technology products and to improve the performance of those products. Since 2003 OWC has worked to extend this approach to its business operations, with the result that the company currently recycles 94 percent of its solid waste materials, received LEED Platinum Certification by the Green Building Certification Institute in 2010, and in 2015 we reached our goal of generating more power than we consume.

To purchase the items in the interview listed below click on the links or for more please visit the OWC Amazon Store by clicking here.

OWC miniStack STX – The Other World Computing miniStack STX storage and Thunderbolt expansion continue its award-winning legacy as the best sidekick a Mac mini can have. The OWC miniStack STX is the world’s first Thunderbolt™ 4 Certified storage and hub expansion solution that seamlessly stacks with the Apple Mac mini. With a universal SATA HDD/SSD bay AND an NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD slot, you can expand your mini’s storage capacity to gigantic proportions. Three Thunderbolt (USB-C) ports enable you to connect to millions of Thunderbolt, USB, and future USB4 drives, displays, A/V mixers, cameras, and tablets, as well as desktop accessories like a keyboard, card reader, or mouse. Now the possibilities of how you can use your Mac mini are limited only to your imagination. The OWC ministack STX is offered as a solution with up to 26TBs of storage capacity, or you can buy it and add your own storage.

OWC Atlas Series – Media Storage and Card Reader – Drawing on our experience as a leading developer of flash storage since 2010, we’ve engineered Other World Computing Atlas Pro media cards with advanced performance and data management technologies to maximize the capabilities of your DSLR, mirrorless, and video camera. The OWC Atlas Pro cards let you go from shooting to transferring RAW images and up to 8K video footage to your computer with the highest workflow efficiency. Whether you’re an aspiring social media influencer, visual arts hobbyist, drone pilot, or accomplished creative professional, you can trust the Atlas Pro media cards with your irreplaceable shots because OWC has been safely protecting Mac and PC user’s data with high-performance storage solutions since 1988.OWC Atlas Pro™ and Atlas Pro Ultra

The Other World Computing Atlas Pro and Atlas Pro Ultra CFexpress Type B memory cards are rugged and OWC Beyond Fast. They’re ideal for professional photographers, videographers, and content creators who need to reliably capture RAW images and footage of fast-moving sports, nature, and other action shots. OWC Atlas Pro cards let you go from shooting to transferring those irreplaceable images to your computer with the highest workflow efficiency. Offering up to 1408MB/s write speed and 1550MB/s read speed built for consumer and creative pros and come in 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB. OWC Atlas Pro Ultra is ready for rapid-fire burst mode and high resolution 8K video capture. Using pSLC flash OWC Atlas Pro Ultra offers a sustained 1493MB/s write speed – 3.5x faster than what 8K capable cameras typically require – so you can confidently get every crucial moment at one-time events like sports, weddings, and concerts. The OWC Atlas Pro Ultra model comes in 320 and 640GB.

OWC Atlas S Pro – OWC flash storage solutions are run through intensive performance testing so creative professionals can depend on real-world speeds in their workflows. Truthfully listing Atlas S Pro cards for reliable performance up to 276MB/s write and 290MB/s read speeds defines our commitment to the “OWC Difference,” which ensures you’ll be completely satisfied these SD UHS-II V90 cards will deliver the performance you are counting on. The Atlas S Pro cards come in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

OWC Atlas FXR – Sized similarly to a debit card, the Atlas FXR is the smallest Thunderbolt CFexpress card reader on the market. It allows you to transfer video footage and photos on location, studio, or the edit suite to virtually any Thunderbolt or USB port-equipped computer or tablet at over 1500MB/s speed. Nearly 7x smaller than other Thunderbolt CFX readers, bus-powered Atlas FXR easily fits into the smallest camera bag, so you can pack more accessories to help capture amazing content.

Jellyfish Mobile by OWC – Empower your video editing teams with easy-to-use server management software, streamlined media management tools, and the ability to access their media remotely. The first plug-and-play video workflow server with a handle, the Jellyfish Mobile by OWC, was designed to be on-the-go or, at least, out of the server room. With speeds exceeding 3,000Mb/s aggregate read speeds, this unit excels with teams of four to six editors working with 4K media on the road or at the office.

OWC Thunderbolt Dock – With the OWC Thunderbolt Dock, you can now have four Thunderbolt ports, plus four USB ports, as well as a port for your SD Card, Gigabit Ethernet, and a combo audio in/out. You gain convenient access to your Mac or PC for all of your essential Thunderbolt and USB devices through a single cable. Utilizing the latest Thunderbolt technology, the OWC Thunderbolt Dock enables users with Intel 11th Gen Core and Evo PCs with Thunderbolt 4, existing Macs, or new M1 based Macs to add a mix of additional Thunderbolt ports. OWC Thunderbolt 3 docks without the Thunderbolt hub are compatible with macOS 10.12 or later. Our Thunderbolt 4 based docks will continue to work great with our existing Thunderbolt 3 solutions such as storage, adapters, and more.

OWC Envoy Pro FX – The OWC Envoy Pro FX is the fastest, most compatible portable drive ever made that works with yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s Thunderbolt and USB computers and devices. It supports the max performance capability of any interface up to 2800MB/s and is dust/drop/waterproof for transferring gigabytes of data in seconds anywhere. The sleek, cool-running aluminum storage solution with drive status LED operates silently without a power adapter. With its included Thunderbolt/USB cable, the Envoy Pro FX is ideal for audio, video, photography, graphics, gaming, and general data storage/backup uses with all Macs and PCs made since 2010, as well as iPad Pro, Chromebook, and Surface devices.

OWC Envoy Express – While small in stature, the Other World Computing Envoy Express is big news. For the first time in the history of Thunderbolt™, you can buy a bus-powered Thunderbolt™ certified enclosure and install your own drive in it. Finally, a DIY kit that lets you break free of pre-configured choice limits so you can build a pocket-sized storage solution to meet your specific needs. And rebuild it anytime those needs change. Equally revolutionary is the included slide mount. This surface-safe removable drive holder allows you to slide the Envoy Express onto the back of your laptop’s screen for out-of-the-way mobile use convenience.

OWC Envoy Pro SX – The OWC Envoy Pro SX is versatile enough to be used as a bus-powered drive for daily storage and backup tasks. It can easily handle the speed demands of production-level audio, design, and photography workflows. And it serves up real-world performance speeds up to 2847MB/s with modern Thunderbolt and USB4 equipped Macs and PCs. Built along the OWC Envoy Pro EX’s award-winning lineage, this tiny but mighty ½ pound portable drive is 1/3 smaller. It features a removable Thunderbolt cable and is test certified to handle the nastiest environments.

OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual – The Other World Computing Mercury Pro U.2 Dual offers up to 64TB of storage for creative pros, small office/home office users, students, and families to save, access, backup, and edit work and personal files. It utilizes Thunderbolt’s full 2800MB/s of data bandwidth to function nearly 6x faster than your typical SSD. Dual drive bays house two NVMe U.2 SSDs for streamlined, easy-to-manage RAID storage. A super easy, plug and play design makes the OWC Mercury Pro U.2 Dual the most convenient drive to use. Just connect the included Thunderbolt cable to your machine or OWC docking solution and start saving, editing, and sharing at warp speed. In addition to the 2 x U.2 configurations, we also offer AdvancedX8 configurations with 8 x NVMe M.2 SSDs.

OWC Accelsior 8M2 – Creating the fastest PCIe SSD meant combining bold engineering with the latest technology. The Other World Computing Accelsior 8M2 brings impressive speed and storage capacity to 2019 Mac Pros, Windows, or Linux computers, and PCIe expansion systems. It utilizes the total bandwidth of the latest PCIe technology and has a highly efficient heat dissipating design to provide ultra-reliable speeds up to 26,000MB/s. Each OWC Accelsior 8M2’s eight NVMe M.2 SSD slots can run at their full x4 lanes of data throughput. All that insanely fast speed through an entire PCIe 4.0 x16 lane architecture with up to 64TB of storage.

SoftRAID 6.2 for Mac – SoftRAID is the most powerful, intuitive RAID management software on the market for macOS. It has impressive features like multiple RAID options and predictive disk failure monitoring that provide a level of performance that you can’t get with hardware RAID. The all-new SoftRAID 6.2 builds on this solid foundation with new technology and features, making it the most powerful RAID utility available. SoftRAID 6.2 adds support for the all-new macOS 12 – Monterey.

SoftRAID 3.0 for Windows – SoftRAID 3.0 for Windows enables users to create powerful RAID 0/1/5 solutions for maximum drive capacity, fast data access, and robust data protection. SoftRAID’s streamlined interface makes it incredibly easy to setup and manage RAID volumes and provides a level of performance and protection you can’t get with other RAID solutions.