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Pasadena Heritage Hosts Bridge Party

Pasadena, CA – The Pasadena Heritage Group hosted their signature summer fundraising event at the historic Colorado Street Bridge.The event was held July 12th and invited members of the community to help preserve and protect the city of Pasadena and all of its historic features by offering live entertainment, a look at rare automobiles, children activities, exotic foods and more.

“The fact that you get to come out here on the bridge and look at the mountains, what could be better,” said Peter Wilson, Entertainment Chair for the Pasadena Heritage Community.

The local sound of Pasadena and its musicians was amplified across three stages. Old favorites, Snotty Scott And The Hankies performed for their 32nd time,and new groups were also added including cover band, Kids These Days . The Park Stage was used to celebrate jazz music and perform tribute to Pasadena jazz legend Gary Foster.

“This is a pleasure, we have been looking forward to this for months,” said Sam McAdam, guitarist for Kids These Days.

Music was not the only thing getting people excited, the booths of food was an event within itself.

As visitors walked the crowded bridge, each new stand was home to a variety of different flavors of foods. From one end of the bridge you could spot the smoke from the grills as tri-tip and barbecue turkey legs were being cooked and on the other- large round bowls contained an open sea of oysters. Large lines formed for everything from Mexican food, to garlic fries to savory wines.

Although, the event attracted many adults; a children’s section was also provided where young children from the local performing arts performed songs from Disney films.

The event was very profitable for the Pasadena Heritage as it was sponsored by companies such as: Wells Fargo, Bank of America, the San Antonio Winery, Yelp, the Hilton, the city of Pasadena and many more. The event was also a huge volunteer opportunity for many people.

The Pasadena Heritage, is one of the oldest historic preservation groups in Southern California and even though the Colorado Street Bridge Party is only held once every other year due to physical demand, they offer many other opportunities to educate and be a part of the historical side of Pasadena. Their mission is to identify, preserve, and protect all historic, architectual and cultural features of Pasadena through unity and education.

To be apart of this cultural expereince and help the Pasadena Heritage succeed in their mission, visit for more information.

Photo Gallery: Photo’s by Silvia Pereida

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