Peacock’s “Rutherford Falls” Partners with the Autry Museum

Several cast and crew members from the Peacock sitcom “Rutherford Falls” came to the Autry Museum of the American West on Saturday for a celebration of Native American storytelling. 

The show also donated to the Autry Museum to support programs that “[develop] Native talent and [provide] more access to Native communities,” according to a tweet from Universal Television.

“Rutherford Falls,” which premiered April 22nd on Peacock, tells the story of Nathan Rutherford (Ed Helms) and Reagan Wells (Jana Schmieding), two lifelong friends in the small town of Rutherford Falls. Nathan’s commitment to preserving the history of his family, who founded the town, goes full force when the mayor decides to move a statue of his ancestor. His fight to keep the statue in place causes moral conflict for Reagan, whose relationship with her tribe, the fictional Minishonka Nation, is already damaged from an incident years ago. 

The show has been commended for its indigenous representation; several of the characters and half the writers are indigenous. This comes at a time when representation of BIPOC people in entertainment is in demand more than ever. 

“A depiction of Native people as just people feels revolutionary to me,” co-creator and executive producer Sierra Teller Ornelas told USA Today. “The idea that we get to be in a workplace comedy, or be parents and have kids and have problems with our teenage daughters – that type of storytelling has never really been afforded to us in a way that I am so excited to be able to show it now.”

Ornelas was present at the Autry on Saturday along with executive producer, co-creator and star Ed Helms, cast member Jesse Leigh, cast member Dustin Milligan, cast member Kimberly Guerrero and writer Tai Leclaire.

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