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Pi Jacobs Performs at Lestat’s in San Diego

Pi JacobsPi Jacobs has come a long way since her first time singing on stage, when she was only three.

The San Francisco native has been a part of the music world for a long time, starting as a choir member when she was only three, to playing various instruments in high school.

After a break from being a singer, Pi worked on her first album, which included songs that ended up in some of MTV’s famous shows, like the Real World. Even if you didn’t know who Pi Jacobs is , you probably have heard her on various television shows, including Pretty Little Liars, Road Rules, and other shows from famous networks.

However, Pi enjoys playing in live shows too.“To be a true artists, I have to go and play those songs for people,” she explains.

Her fifth and most recent album, Urbanicana, was written by Pi herself, who believes the writing process to be a very personal experience. “It’s really, really personal for me, I actually find collaboration really hard.”

Although she finds writing with other people difficult, she does enjoy singing in harmony. “Of all the elements of music, if I could only have one, it would be people singing together,” she explains. Her show at Lestat’s in San Diego featured beautiful harmony along with two members of the Silverlake Chorus, which Pi was previously a member of. She described her show as a strip down, and it was. Pi Jacobs played guitar beautifully and brought the personal touch her lyrics have to the stage. She is a raw, talented singer that can transmit her audience to a place of realness and emotion, a place where the audience can feel.

Keep your eye on Pi, who is not only doing live shows in the United States, but is looking to go back to the UK soon, and hopefully hit Europe in the near future. Meanwhile, keep your ears open when you watch television shows, but make sure you catch her live when you can, it’s quite a harmonious experience.

Her latest album, Urbanicana is set to be released this fall.

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