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This just in, Young Mexican Trapstar Pinky06 releases newest single “Aqua” today, along with the premiere of his music video via SLOWLY which is directed by Alan Villanueva.

The song “AQUA” is full of surprises since it serves with unexpected beat changes, unique vocals, and super dope flows, demonstrating the strength Pinky06 brings to Mexican trap. “AQUA” is the last single from Pinky06 from his upcoming mixtape “Joni y el Dani,” which is a collaboration with producer Andrxw. Details about the upcoming mixtape will highlight the pair’s chemistry and portray on what these two are crafting to step up the boundaries of trap music in Mexico.

As for his music video which not only showcased his music but also Pinky06 with his friends as they enjoy each others company and having fun their way.

Pinky06, is an artist raised by the streets of Monterrey, NL, Mexico. Focusing on hip hop and trap, Pinky06 joins the music scene in an effort to revolutionize trap all over the world. With assertive sounds, adlibs and unique flows, Pinky06 is one of the young promising stars in México’s music scene. To this day he has collaborated with artists like: Robot, GeraMX, Trainer, Steve Lean, Dan Sanchez, Tymo Benz, Zizzy, Neqer and Jay Lee (members of AQUIHAYAQUIHAY) and with producer, Beatboy.

The artist is also signed with independent Mexican record label SLOWLY. SLOWY’s roster also includes AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, Abhir Hathi, Zizzy, Beam, Lil Benjas, La Malilla, Lulu and more.

You can find and listen to Pinky06’s new track on either Spotify, Pandora, deezer, and Apple music.


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