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In the last couple of weeks a giant force was released into the App world; Pokémon Go was made available to anyone with a smartphone aka everyone. The newest app is a game that brings back every 90’s childhood memory. Not only is this game make you a Pokémon trainer, but it also puts your favorite Pokémon in your own backyard. Literally, the app places “wild” Pokémon everywhere you are for you to catch them. Not only does this new game put you in control of your journey, but the farther you travel in real life the more Pokémon and bonus features you get.

Pokémon GoThis app incorporates the Pokémon world that we have grown up with, while putting it into the world that we live in now. The game makes players actually walk to get between Pokestops as well as catch new Pokémon and hatch eggs that you can get at the stops. So not only is the game interactive as it tells you what Pokémon are nearby and just how far they are, but it also makes you actually walk and journey outside. That’s one of the most unique parts of the game, the fact that people are actually going out and walking or driving around to catch Pokémon and find them all.

Not only is this app taking over your Facebook News Feed, but most likely the free time of anyone you hang out with. People are not only going to the extremes of just constantly being on their Pokémon Go, but rather now they dictate their routines to it. People are walking around in the middle of the night, going to local or even distant hot spots in the quest to find the rarest Pokémon. This has raised a lot of awareness of whether or not this is becoming an unhealthy, and dangerous new trend, even if it is getting people to move around and actually go outside.

So far this new game has no signs of slowing down, if anything it just seems to be getting more and more popular as people who aren’t even really fans of the franchise are downloading and playing the game just because everyone else is doing it.