Pre-MTV Awards- The Legacy Lounge Iconic Suite 2015

The Legacy Lounge Iconic Suite 2015 was hosted by Steve Nguyen and Associates (SNA) and was presented by Roxx Vodka in honor of the Pre-MTV Video Music Awards on August 28th and 29th.  The event was held at the London West Hollywood Hotel.

It included top leading brands and products in apparel , accessories , cosmetics , high-end skincare, and electronics. During this two day event, guest were able to experience sensational food and signature cocktails from TASTINGS 2015 International Review of Spirits, Gold Awarding winning spirits brand, and Roxx Vodka.

SNA hosts three Legacy Lounge events annually and the events have successfully helped the launching of new brands. The purpose of Steve’s company is to make a difference in the world. At this year’s suite, SNA donated to a non-profit organization It Gets Better Project.This non-profit organization strives to make life better for LGBT youth. More than 60,000 videos have been uploaded to inspire and support the It Gets Better and the LGBT community. Everyone is welcome to upload a video to stand up and take the pledge to spread the message of It Gets Better.

Guest not only receive great gifts at the the Legacy Lounge, they also have the unique opportunity to network and connect with various celebrities.

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