Queen Mary Dark Harbor Returns With New Thrills For 2015

The annual Queen Mary Dark Harbor returned full of mazes, music, and plenty of live entertainment.

This year’s event premiered its newest maze, “Lullaby.” According to the story you are told as you first enter the maze, Mary accidently drowned in the ship’s pool. She now haunts the ship and has been heard singing looking for a playmate.

You are taken within the ship, through parts of it that seem to have been untouched since Mary’s death.  From start to finish, the maze has an underwater feeling leading to the old drained pool where Mary drowned. Throughout the maze and the event, be aware of Mary as she roams alone.

Another maze that although is not entirely new to Dark Harbor, but continues to garner plenty of ghost seekers is the “Circus: Big Top Terror.” If you’re not a fan of clowns this may not be the maze for you. You will find yourself walking among colorful walls, paths that may lead nowhere, and plenty of spooky dolls.

Perhaps the highlight of the circus maze would have to be walking through the rolling tunnel. The walls splattered in glow in the dark paint make for a fun attraction that makes believe that you are defying gravity.

“Soulmate: Til Death Do Us Part” is another maze within the ship in which Gale a young beautiful women has been searching for a soulmate since her disappearance. Her minions search through the narrow hallways of the ship for possible suitors.

Tight spaces and dark narrow hallways are among the themes in “B340: A Descent into Insanity,” Samuel the Savage known for his schizophrenia threatens the lives of those who cross his path. Be careful as you walk through the maze as you run the risk of losing your mind. Flashing lights and creepy noises may surprise you throughout your experience.


One of the best attractions at the event would have to be the “Side Show of Freaks and Oddities,” where you can enjoy a cocktail while watching a series of performance showcase their unusual talents. You can easily forget about time sitting at the hay stacks sipping your cocktail either squirming at some of the performances or simply laughing at the use of comedy by some of the performers.

Perhaps what sets Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor apart from the other Halloween attractions would have to be the storylines behind each of their mazes. You’re being invited into becoming part of the stories that have years haunted the ship. If you are someone who finds thrill in places that could possibly be haunted, the Dark Harbor is for you.

Tickets can be found at the Queen Mary’s website, where general admission tickets range from $20 to $40. VIP admission tickets are for 21 and older, which include a VIP entrance, (1) Ticket, (1) Fast Fright Pass (cut-in-line) & (1) admission to the RIP Lounge (and 3 drink tickets) located above Dark Harbor start at $94. Season passes start at $49.

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