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Singer, songwriter and actress Quinn L’Esperance is set to release her new single “Dance In The Garden” will be available on YouTube and all digital outlets on Friday, October 16th.  Her single is a special tribute to her brother, Connor, who is on the Autistic spectrum.  

Her inspiration behind the song came from Quinn’s Dad. L’Esperance father said, “Connor lives in the garden, we live in the world. We have the ability to come in and out of the garden, but Connor gets to experience the beauty of just the garden.” 

Quinn recently teamed up with the autism advocacy organization Autism Speaks and will perform at their virtual walk in Cleveland, OH on October 18th in support of their work in promoting awareness about autism and creating a kinder, more inclusive world.  

She has performed live at fundraising events for the Dare2Dream Foundation and Relay For Life and sang the National Anthem at the Indians vs. Tigers game. She is also signed to Firestarter Entertainment for commercials and film appearances.

Quinn’s goal was to write an empowering anthem for her brother and others like him. She grew up seeing her brother and how it was like to interact with other kids who have the same problems. She instantly knew that she has always had a special connection between her and the other kids that were in Connor’s classes. 

L’ESPERANCE said, “We are all human and need to be treated equally with dignity and respect. Your disability doesn’t have to define who you are.” 

L’ESPERANCE shot her music video in a beautiful garden and on a field of sunflowers in her hometown of Cleveland. The video was directed by Conrad Faraj and features Quinn, Connor and their younger brother Brennan (along with a few of Connor’s friends) dancing and living life to the fullest.

L’Esperance said, “This video truly showcases how beautiful and unique Connor is. I can’t wait for the world to see my brother shine. It was also so special that we were able to have a few of Connor’s friends to also be a part of the video. They really shine too.” 

“Dance In The Garden” was recorded in Nashville and was co-written by Quinn, Matt Wilder and Tom Worth and produced by Matt Wilder. “Dance In The Garden” is the fourth single Quinn has released in 2020 following “Heavyweight,” “Human Connection” and her latest “Unstoppable.” Quinn will be releasing her sophomore album on her own QKL record label later this year.