Rage Against The Machine Reunion Album Bashes Trump

Exciting news for all Rage Against The Machine fans out there: the band is reuniting.

The band will be releasing their first new album in over fifteen years later on this year. As exciting as this news is for rock and metal lovers everywhere, the news will probably thrill anti-Donald Trump supporters even more. The title of the band’s new album is “Rage Against The Donald”, and as per the band’s usual, it openly expresses just how they feel about the presidential candidate.

The band stated online:

“We must pick up the microphone, the guitar, the bass, and the drums to tell the world how bad Donald Trump is. We have stayed silent for many years, but enough is enough. The bulls are on parade.”

Better yet, RATM is planning to perform outside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18th. This is not a surprising move by the band since they are a famously vocal political metal band. Back in 2000, they played outside of the Democratic National Convention to express their, and many other Americans, discontent with the government.

The most ironic thing about this reunion though is the fact that the music video for RATM song “Sleep Now In The Fire” predicted a Donald Trump presidential run in 2000. Soon, the band will share exactly how ludicrous they think he is.

Although a release date has not yet been announced, the album will be available for pre-order beginning April 1st and will include six songs.

Check out the names of the tracks:

  1. Sleep Now Trump You’re Fired
  2. Trump’s Bullshit On Parade
  3. There Aint No Spray-Tan Here
  4. Trumpify
  5. Renegades Of Trump
  6. Lights Out, Trump Is A Racist, Yo!
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