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Los Angeles, Calif.  Starting this week, the Rams and Chargers are each launching their 13,000 premium seats, which will be accompanied by a Stadium Seat License (SSL), of their new $2.6 billion Inglewood stadium to their season-ticket holders.

The SSL is a one-time payment that assures buyers the right to their seats. The 13,000 premium seats are classified into three different groups: All-Access, VIP, and Club. 

The Rams have placed a $100,000 license tag on their 500 most exclusive “all-access” seats, while the Chargers have it at $75,000. However, this will be the first time in NFL history that these fees will be paid back to seat owners after 50 years.

These exclusive seats will be located on the second level between the 45-yard lines and include all-inclusive food and drinks, premium parking, access to exclusive club areas, and the guarantee to purchase tickets to nearly every event hosted by the new stadium – including the Super Bowl. 

The second tier is the “VIP” section, which is based of 2,500 seats and will have a SSL price tag of $80,000 for Rams games and $50,000 for Chargers games. These seats will be located in the first and second levels between the 30-yard lines. Besides seat location, the other difference between “All-Access” and “VIP” is that there is no guarantee to Super Bowl tickets.

Lastly, the “Club” tier is composed of 10,000 seats located from the 35-yard line to the corners. The price for these will range from $15,000 – $35,000 for Rams games and $10,000 – $25,000 for Chargers games. These will not include parking, food or drinks.

In addition to SSL fees, seat owners will have to pay $375 for Rams tickets and $350 for Chargers tickets, same for all three tiers; and these costs will remain the same for the first three years after the stadium’s opening.

Current season-ticket holders and fans who signed up for a waitlist have been invited to the LA Stadium Premiere Center, located in Playa Vista, to make an appointment and learn more about this new project.

Additionally, a spokesperson for the Rams has announced that every seat in the new stadium will require SSL. The cheapest price tag will be below than $1,000. As for the Chargers, they have not revealed the price tag for non-premium seats, but did confirm that nearly every seat will also require SSL.

The stadium is expected to open in 2020.