CES 2014: Rayovac Makes Lasting Impression in Electronics and Philanthropy

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Last week at International CES, Rayovac displayed an impressive line of accessories meant to keep our modern technology powered when we need it most.

They also displayed their commitment to philanthropy with some help from Dave Matthews.

During CES Rayovac showcased simple but effective accessories that are a must have for anyone with a smart phone or tablet who is constantly on the go and needs to stay connected. An Innovations Design and Engineering Award nominee at this year’s CES, Rayovac’s line or Portable Power devices keep your electronics running longer for when you need them most. The Instant Battery Charger comes in a Micro-USB plug (for your Android devices) and iPhone/iPod 30-pin plug. Another version for newer Apple iPhone’s that use the Lightning plug will come out in the next few months.

Rayovac’s Instant Battery Charger advertises that it will add two hours of talk time to a mobile device, a helpful boost to help get your phone through the rest of the day. This is part of a bigger line of products now being released by Rayovac that offer individuals the ability to extend battery life of phones and tablets.

But Rayovac’s focus was not solely dedicated to International CES and innovation awards. Their presence was also felt, quite literally, worldwide.

For years Rayovac has partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization that focuses on providing free hearing aids to those who cannot afford their own. Starkey’s efforts have helped those in need both in the United States and abroad. They boast that their operations have reached over 100 countries and they fit well over 100,000 hearing aids annually.

What makes Starkey’s efforts so successful is their commitment to those who need hearing aids. Among their 1,000+ partners is Rayovac, who provides the batteries to ensure that the hearing aids will function for those who need them. Both organizations make sure to follow up with those they have helped and continue to provide services and support so those who they have helped are never forgotten.

This past week at CES, both Rayovac and Starkey gave more than the gift of hearing: they gave the gift of music.

As a special benefit for the Starkey Hearing Foundation in partnership with Rayovac, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds performed at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas last Wednesday. The goal of the benefit concert was well summarized in the Starkey motto: So the World May Hear.

Of course these are just a few of the many celebrity ambassadors that Starkey has had the pleasure of working with. Those who have worked with the organization include former President Bill Clinton (Starkey is partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative), Richard Branson, and Elton John.

For more information about the Starkey Hearing Foundation, visit their website:

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