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Reminiscence director Lisa Joy, and her music team, Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman, composer Ramin Djawadi, and musical artist Lonr, discuss the film‘s score and track, “Save my love,” during a virtual conversation.

Joy, and the music team, revealed that the film’s score came together by involving soundscape, musical instruments, and other tones, which brought an emotional connection to the action concept. Joy had originally hoped that the film’s title track would have a “swag tune” to it. But when that proved to be too time-consuming, Joy reached out to Gitelman and Djawadi about composing a rock song instead.

Los Angeles rapper Lonr helped write and also sang the lead track “Save my love,” which creators saw as an amazing representation of both the action and emotional scenes.

According to Gitelman, he was surprised when the director wanted a rock song for an action/thriller film and saw it as a great opportunity for him given his expertise in modern rock music. “So, when she said she wants a rock song…I mean it was like ok,” said Gitelman. “This is different from what everyone’s making right now, which I thought oh wow, this is an amazing opportunity to do something unique.”

“Save my love,” has a unique feature because in the film’s trailer it has an industrial rock tune along with Lonr’s performance which Gitelman was left amazed. Although, Lonr had worked with Gitelman before, he felt honored to be part of a big project along side Joy and the music team. He also discuss the inspiration by using breakups to create a beautiful song that expresses memories and love.

While filming the music video for the title track, Joy said that Lonr’s voice was powerful and left everyone in the room impressed. “It filled the entire space and everybody stop,” she said. “Nobody was working, we all just sat there… listen to this guy and everybody was applauding.”

Reminiscence hits theaters on Aug. 20. “Save my love” track and music video premieres on Aug. 6.