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Rescued Dolphin in Clearwater May Just Be The LA Lakers Luck

Nicholas the rescued dolphin at Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) is famous for his delightful predictions of sporting events, and he may have just picked the LA Lakers to take this win.

Nicholas predicted that the LA Lakers would defeat the Miami Heat in this year’s NBA championship. Fans had the opportunity to watch this well known Dolphin make his prediction in his brand new home on CMA’s Facebook live stream.

He may not have a streak, but he has already made nine correct predictions out of 16.

Fans are probably extremely curious as to how this works well Nicholas is presented with a choice during his normal enrichment activities. He was presented with the choice between a Lakers or a Heat branded basketball on the side of his pool.

Turns out he chose the Lakers by nudging the ball with his rostrum also known as his nose. He then happily enjoyed his new Environmental Enrichment Device by tossing it around his habitat.

Nicholas is a rescued bottlenose dolphin that was found stranded with severe sunburns. He was orphaned and unable to learn necessary survival skills as a calf which he later became a permanent resident at the aquarium with a gift of making unbelievable sports predictions.

If you want to meet this sweet bundle of joy in person the Clearwater Marine Aquarium encourages all Florida sports fans to visit and receive $5 off admission when wearing their favorite Florida sports team apparel from Oct. 1 through Oct. 14. Offer only valid on-site at ticketing. Visit seewinter.com to make reservations.

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