Review – Daddy’s Home: The Dads Come Face to Face

It’s the battle of the dads for Brad Whitaker (Will Farrell) and Dusty Mayron (Mark Walberg) in the comedy film, Daddy’s Home. Brad tries his to be the best step-dad to his wife’s kids Megan Taggert (Scarlett Estevez) and Dylan Taggert (Owen Vaccaro), but quickly hits rock bottom when their biological father Dusty shows up for a visit. The connection between Brad and the kids is suddenly ruined when Dusty steps foot into the Taggert’s household. Dusty begins to show them who the best dad is by bribing his kids for affection to make up for the time that he’s been gone for. Though Brad has been the father figure in Megan’s and Dylan’s lives, they refuse to call him “dad” and show him that they care about everything he does for them.

Dusty chooses Brad’s weaknesses and uses them as his best strengths in order to gain the love from his kids. The battle of the best dad quickly escalates when Dusty shows off his home repair skills and shows how much of a bad-boy he can be while still being the best dad. As the dads continue to go back and forth showing who does it best, Brad’s wife Sarah Taggert (Linda Cardellini) attempts to convince Brad that competing against her ex-husband isn’t worth it because she knows what he is capable of doing and knows Dusty is being immature. Dusty wants to take the full responsibility of being a dad to Megan and Dylan and when he is given the chance to do so, he fails. He realizes that he scratches just the surface of being a dad to his kids and acknowledges that it’s more than just bribing.

Will Farrell and Mark Walberg never fail to make anyone laugh especially when they star in a film together. This comedy film has many funny moments of course, as well as heartwarming scenes that bring the entire family together. The dads begin to work together to become one to show the kids that they both can be there for them. Dusty begins to learn from Brad as he shows him all that he does for his kids and the sacrifices it takes to do so. Credit is given to the Brad for stepping in to be a father to two kids who aren’t his. As the battle of the dad comes down to an end, Megan and Dylan accept Brad and acknowledge everything that he does for them. They are okay with having two dads in their lives and it results in Brad getting what he’s been asking for, to be called “dad” and to receive affection from the kids.

Daddy’s Home is a must see movie and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh. This film comes out in theaters everywhere on Christmas day.

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