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Escape From TomorrowReleasing today in select theaters is the highly anticipated film, Escape From Tomorrow. It is the feature film directorial debut of Randy Moore and stars Roy Abramsohn (Jim) and Elena Schuber (Emily).

The most provocative film from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, Escape From Tomorrow should not exist, and yet it does. Like nothing you’ve ever seen, Randy Moore’s directorial debut is a bold and ingenious trip into the happiest place on earth. An epic battle begins when a middle-aged American husband and father of two learns that he has lost his job. Keeping the news from his nagging wife and wound-up children, he packs up the family and embarks on a full day of park hopping amid enchanted castles and fairytale princesses.

Soon, the manufactured mirth of the fantasy land around him begins to haunt his subconscious. An idyllic family vacation quickly unravels into a surrealist nightmare of paranoid visions, bizarre encounters, and an obsessive pursuit of a pair of sexy teenage Parisians. Chillingly shot in black and white, Escape From Tomorrow dissects the mythology of artificial perfection while subversively attacking our culture’s obsession with mass entertainment.

The film is interesting take on the family vacation at the Disney theme park. A place in which many go to get away and escape their everyday lives but in this sense the director gave it a Twilight Zone kind of feeling bringing in horror, light comedy and great acting together to make a film that was very watchable. The decision to film in black and white was a great chance for the film which gave it a great sense of noir filmmaking.

Miller really does take many of us have seen or experience during the family vacation and brings it to the screen perfectly in a twisted vision.

Abramsohn acting in the film helped keep the story together and sold himself as the father of two who just lost there job and dealing with the pressure of the day very well. Schuber portrayed a mother that realizes the man she married and the life she expected did not work out the way they planned on point. Making it feel believable to me and giving strength to the role. They were the perfect casting decision for this film and helped raise the overall grade we will be giving the film.

The problems which this film is not really much with the acting it was more the directions the story went. The idea for this film before seeing it sounded great and was excited about watching the film. Though as I am sitting in the dark theater sometimes you get lost in the message it is conveying. At times the director does not put together the events in the film such as the two French girls and the ex-princess at the Disney park who turned into an evil which and the Siemen’s thing inside the Epcot Center ball just confused me. It may have been bringing the script to the screen were the that may have been lost.

Overall, the film is an interesting vision of the way we all look at the family vacation. At times a horror film and at times a great laugh bringing back things I have seen in my days at the theme park, but the construction of the film is what left me hanging. The acting was great from Abramsohn/Schuber the kids Katelynn Rodriguez and Jack Dalton. The one part to notice which still made me laugh was the small role of Amy Lucas as the nurse at the theme park.

The one thing I would warn parents is this is not a Disney happy go lucky film and take note to the poster in which blood is dripping from Mickey’s hand as a warning. I would think high school kids could understand and comprehend the films message but younger than that I would not recommend.

As always do not take just our word for it, buy a ticket and give us your thoughts on the film in the comments below.

Escape From Tomorrow – C+

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