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Review: Oz The Great And Powerful

By March 8, 2013May 7th, 2013No Comments

Oz The Great And PowerfulWalt Disney Pictures releases today the highly anticipated Sam Raimi “Oz The Great and Powerful” into theaters. In this film Sam Raimi takes the basis of L. Frank Baum’s magically world and tells the story of how carnival showman Oscar “Oz” Diggs, played by James Franco, found his way to the land of Oz and became the wizard that we would ultimately see in the Wizard of Oz.

It introduces you to the three witches from Glinda the Good played by Michelle Williams,  Evanora, played by Rachel Weisz, the which who is the most obiviously evil and manipulative of the three witches and Theodora played by Mila Kunis is the younger sister who is good but has streaks of wickedness.

As well as other character that he meets along the way of walking down the yellow brick road such Finley the winged monkey dressed in a bell hops uniform played by Zach Braff and a young China Girl, played by Joey King, from a village made of fine china.

The Raimi version stays very true to the look of the original film with its colorless Kansas which will automatically make you feel like your watching a movie about Oz. The 4:3 aspect ratio on the screen with it few twist and ode to the look and situations as the original and the full screen color of the land of Oz. The people we meets in Kansas scenes are people who he runs into in Oz is such an homage to the original. The biggest and most stunning work that Raimi did is the creation of the land of Oz. The amazingly colorful and bright world with the 3D brings into the world and realism that makes you feel at points that you are in a theme park attraction. It is literally the best 3D I have seen on the big screen so far.

China Girl (voiced by Joey King); James Franco, right ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

China Girl (voiced by Joey King); James Franco, right
©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Key features from what was were introduced in the original 1939 film can be seen in the background that brings you into the film such as horses of a different color and a run in with a beloved character of the original that you must see to find out who it is. Raimi does a great job in bringing the

The acting in the film is very good from Franco’s development of the role of Oscar Diggs really selling you on the fact that Oscar is a con-man with a heart and Kunis, Williams and Weisz witches really play there characters to each of there distinct personalities with Kunis showing the most dynamic transformation in the film. When watching the film she really sells the sweat good heart of her character to having the breaking of a young girls heart and how an incident could change someone to do evil.

Overall, when going into the film I was very skeptical about an Oz prequel. Especially going by the many attempts and failures to try visit the land of Oz. Raimi actually took those doubts away when I left the theater really thinking it is the best film based in Oz so far. From the amazing visuals to the acting and story which makes this a film a must see. It is a fun ride from beginning to end that you will be happy when the lights come back up in the theater. I would recommend paying the extra money for 3D. I am not a big fan of 3D but in this film it is well worth it to get the experience of being in the world of Oz.

Oz The Great and Poweful – 8 of 10


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