Raising children is hard. You have to feed them, wash them, watch over them, raise them in an image of yourself – without squandering individualism and at times answer their questions that you may not have an answer to.

In Ridley Scott’s new project for HBO Max, Raised by Wolves, premiering Thursday. He ends the world whilst seemingly recreating it with a new mission for humanity, no spiritual beliefs.

In the aftermath of the “great war” over differences of beliefs, the earth was destroyed. Two androids, known simply as “Mother” and “Father,” are tasked with raising six children on a new planet and teaching them everything there is to know, except the belief and existence of a deity.

On this new planet known as Kepler 22-B, a real planet much similar to earth, that NASA is currently monitoring, the only interaction the children have is with each other and the two androids. However, after the accidental death of one and a mysterious illness that the other five succumb too. Campion, the sixth and smallest of the children begins to question their existence. “If we prayed maybe they wouldn’t have died.”

The androids are kind, devoted and gentle with the children. They interact with the children as most parents do, despite not having human emotions. They display empathy and patients when teaching the children to be atheist and answering their questions. When Campion asks why it is wrong to want to believe in something. Mother tells him that belief in the unreal can create conflict in the human mind. It is the believing in a deity that the androids say caused the war and ultimately the destruction of earth. For it caused a divide between those who believed and trusted in science and those who didn’t

Those who chose to put their faith in a deity were called the Mithraic. A group who believed to have been chosen by the god Sol for a holy mission. To save humanity from the influence of androids.

The Mithraic, a cult believed to have existed in Ancient Rome, are unaware that on Kepler 22-B reside six children under the care of androids. That is until Campion sends out a distress signal from the shuttle that mother and father arrived in. Upon their arrival they are quick to realise what Mother is and a battle embarks over Campion, the last child on Kepler 22-B.

Production on the futuristic show began three years ago, when our political and societal divide was not as deep. Yet there are elements that could resonate with many Americans today. The rewriting wrongs, fresh starts, the primitive nature of humans, the role personal beliefs play/played politics and many other topics that could be encountered through the mind of a child, as a new society is beginning to flourish.

Raised by Wolves is available to watch Thursdays on HBO Max.

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