Rock Band, Jet Trash Releases New Single, ‘Summer Moon’

The Los Angeles based Garage band, Jet Trash, dropped their first single of the year, “So High,” in late August.

This week, they’re back with their newest song “Summer Moon,” the second single off their upcoming album, Hold Fast.

Earlier this week, the band took to Instagram to give fans a teaser of the song. “Summer Moon,” modeled by the 60’s garage rock scene, with a modern Jet Trash twist, is high-energy. Listeners can expect electric guitar riffs, loud percussions and, as always, Jet Trash’s trademark grungy lo-fi aesthetic.

Jet Trash Gives Fans Preview of Latest Single “Summer Moon”. Courtesy of @JetTrashBand on Instagram.

“It is unapologetically loud and messy. In the recording studio, our drummer Eric just went for it and bashed out a driving beat that gives the song so much momentum,” said Paul Kemp. “It’s safe to say that if you dig this, the rest of the record will be right up your alley.”

Named as one of LA’s best-up-coming-and-coming bands, by Deli Magazine, the band features four members, Keith Shughrou lead guitarist, Paul Kemp guitarist and vocalist, Marshall Fassino bass player and vocalist, and Eric Peters, drummer.

The singles are only a taste of what can be expected in their upcoming album Hold Fast, dropping September 25th. 

Listen to “Summer Moon,” tomorrow, available everywhere.

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