Rock legend Peter Frampton to headline AxCent Tuning Systems crowdfunding campaign for self-tuning system

Peter FramptonPeter Frampton, grammy award winning artist, signed a five year consulting deal with AxCent Tuning Systems to help with product placement sales development and will headline AxCent Tuning Systems Crowdfunding campaign for their self-tuning guitar system.

“I think you can tell that this was a Eureka! moment for me when I first picked up and played an AxCent system equipped guitar,” Frampton said. “Nothing tunes and holds tunings better than AxCent. It’s literally the best.”

Frampton will help with sales and marketing of AxCent Tuning Systems, a self-tuning system made for musicians to spend more time playing and less time tuning their guitars. Founded in 1987, AxCent Tuning Systems developed the self-tuning system for guitars and other stringed instruments. In 1990, AxCent Tuning Systems, formerly known as TransPerformance, delivered the first working system to guitarist and leader of Led Zepplin, Jimmy Page.

AxCent Tuning Systems hopes to raise $1 million to manufacture and market this computer-controlled tuning-system for guitar lovers. This new technology will allow guitarists to play with ease and feel like legendaries. The self-tuning system has been used and appraised by musicians like Jimmy Page and Frampton himself. AxCent’s tuning system is the only tuning system to use a patented “open loop” technology. The AxCent Tuning System offers the ability to tune and re-tune while playing. The pushbutton keypad placed on the instrument allows you to get back in tune in seconds. The guitarist can also download an app and control the tuning through their smartphone.

According to Billboard, AxCent Tuning Systems plans to sell this new device for about $400. AxCent Tuning Systems is asking for a minimum of $10,000 from investors who will then receive a signed Peter Frampton memorabilia and tickets to his concert. In addition to those perks, investors receive backstage passes (for $25,000), AxCent equipped Gibson guitar with Frampton’s Autograph (for $50,000), flights and first class hotel accommodations to Frampton’s concert (for $100,000) and everything else plus private one-hour acoustic show by Frampton for $500,000.

Mark Bitter, AxCent’s CEO, said “Mr. Frampton was at the top of our list from day one and we are thrilled that he has agreed to help us with our cap raising efforts via the good folks over at Crowdfunder.” Despite his busy schedule with AxCent, Frampton announced his new acoustic LP which he plans to release by the end of the year. His new studio album will present acoustic renditions of songs from past releases including “Do You Feel Like We Do” and “Lines On My Face.”

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