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Last Thursday, September 19th, Rock ‘n Roll band Academy Killer debuted their new EP “Lost In Make Believe” a day early to stream on The Noise.

I think we’ve taken a bit of a risk with Lost in Make Believe by making a record that doesn’t necessarily fit one particular genre identity. We as individuals are complex and who we are isn’t so black and white,” shares lead singer Kevin Dean. “By writing from pure emotion and not keeping that ‘pop punk’ label in mind, a record with many sides and sounds has come to life and we couldn’t be more excited to show the world who we really are and what we’re doing. We hope people can connect with the songs and the messages we share.

The official release date is September 20th. For more additional details please visit

Academy Killer brings together the classic Rock ‘n Roll sound while rallying audiences to break off perspective norms. The band incorporates strong lyrics of self-discovery, positivity, love, and loss to resonate and connect with their listeners. The guitar chords and passionate vocals are what bring the music to life. Whether on stage or on the radio, the band has an undeniable spirit that keeps the audience intrigued and lost in the music.

Since their 2016 “Late to the Party” EP, Academy Killer has built their local fanbase and have performed at Burlington’s Sound of Music, Hamilton’s Supercrawl and Canadian Music Week in Toronto. The members Kevin Talbot (vocals, guitar), Lucas Goldson (lead guitar), Omar Kurd (bass) and Nathaniel Schuster (drums), all share the common goal of creating authentic and exciting music.

Lost In Make Believe Tracklisting:

1. The Distance 

2. Figure Me Out

3. While I Drown 

4. It’s True 

5. Looks to Kill 

6. Seventeen

7. Tonight