Fast-rising indie artist and woman’s rights activist, Roxiny. Released a new video from her Rituals EP, in tandem with International Day of the Girl. Her single ‘Golden Prophet,’ that tells the story of Roxinys personal experience as a survivor of sexual abuse.

Rolling Stone Magazine calls Roxiny; “Powerful feminist pop… an upcoming act you need to know about…The fearlessness and determination with which Roxiny has lived her life is immediately apparent in her music …rocking our worlds, both with her music and her efforts for social justice…Roxiny reminds us that music is still a powerful tool to overcome oppression.”

“As with many survivors, it took me a long time to come to grips with it, let alone share it. It’s been a long road to recovery and writing ‘Golden Prophet’ was just another stage in healing.” – Roxiny.



The video shot in black and white. Begins with a group of women laying down in white t-shirts with writings on the palms of their hands and thighs. As Roxiny sings “She was so young when you burned her eyes. Golden prophet size of a god, can’t you see her. Like an angel she’s falling.”

As the video continues the writings on the palms of some of the woman are depicted onto the side as they hold their hands in front. Messages such as; “strong woman,” “we are strong,” “speak up,” “girl power,” “you are beautiful” and “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. Roxiny says that she hopes that by sharing her story, as well as the stories of other survivors. That together they will be able to help others who have lived through the same.

“I hope people who listen know that our power lies within, and they can’t take that away from us. Somos poderosas. (We are powerful.)”

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