Salma Hayek to receive award for multi-talent work

Salma Hayek will be honored with the “CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Award,” at this year’s CinemaCon convention.

Hayek is receiving the award not only for her creative work such as her diverse acting roles and producing contributions but also her devotion to activism on a global scale.

“A commanding presence onscreen and off Hayek has proven herself to be one of the most prolific actresses of our time…Hayek has not only entertained audiences around the world with her vast array of roles but she has devoted herself to causes with a passion unlike no other,” said CinemaCon Managing Director, Mitch Neuhauser “We could not be more honored to present Hayek with this year’s ‘CinemaCon Vanguard Award.”

Hayek landed her debut on the big screen with “Desperado,” that later launched her in the multi-awarded nominated role in “Frida” in 2002.  She has also starred in “La Chispa De La Vida,” “Puss in Boots,” “Grown Ups,” “Beatriz at Dinner,” and “Drunk Parents.”

However, her talents have extended to the small screen by guest starring on NBC’s “30 Rock” and co-producing “Ugly Betty,” and Showtime’s “In Time of the Butterflies.”   Much like her award-nominated performances in film, Hayek abilities lead her to win an Emmy for her directing of “The Maldonado Miracle.”

Besides acting, Hayek has used her time to activism. She co-founded the global organization “Chime for Change” in 2013 with Beyoncé and Frida Gianni to improve education and provide welfare for women and girls.  She spoke in front of the Senate on behalf of the Avon Foundations to extend the Violence Against Women Act and represented Pampers/UNICEF to stop the spread of maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Her social work has reached out to making a difference in global issues such as visiting the Arctic Circle for recognition of the effects of global warming, co-hosting the Oslo National Peace Prize Concert, partnering with the “One” campaign and the Global Green and Youth Aids.

Hayek will currently star in two films this year. Opening in April, Hayek will resume her comedic styling as Sara in “How to be a Latin Lover,” with co-star Eugenio Debrez. Playing a hitman’s wife, she will appear in “The Hitman’s Bodyguard,” alongside Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L.  Jackson slated for theaters in the summer.

The award ceremony will take place at Caesar’s Palace in the Colosseum on Thursday, March 30 in Las Vegas.

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