Say Hello to the New Zayn Malik with “Mind of Mine”

If you had to describe Zayn Malik’s new album Mind of Mine in one word, what would it be?
For me, it would definitely be SEXY.
After separating from One Direction, Zayn changed his whole vibe. Say goodbye to the British boy band pop music and hello to the sensual, baby making, R&B love songs.
The album cover is a picture of Zayn as an adorable, innocent little boy. But there is nothing innocent about this album. The fact that they photoshopped tattoo sleeves onto his arms alludes just how risqué the album is.
Check out the track names:
1. Mind of Mindd (Intro)
2. Pillowtalk
3. It’s You
4. Befour
5. She
6. Drunk
7. Intermission: Flower
8. Rear View
9. Wrong (featuring Kehlani)
10. Fool For You
11. Borderz
12. Truth
13. Lucozade
14. TIO
Nothing too innocent there, right? The deluxe edition of the album also includes four more songs titled Blue, Bright, Like I Would, and She Don’t Love Me.
But who couldn’t love him? It’s hard not to like the new direction the singer is taking his career. The whole album has a sexual, Chris Brown/Usher feel to it with his sultry voice and erotic lyrics, and it is hot.
“I’m seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure/ Nobody but you, ‘body but me, ‘body but us/ Bodies together”. That’s just a snippet of the lyrics from Zayn’s song Pillowtalk. It kind of makes you want to crawl in bed with your partner and stay there all day long.
As catchy as some One Direction songs may be, Zayn absolutely made the right decision by walking away and doing his own thing. Going out on his own and recording this album was quite ambitious of the young musician, but he was very successful. His single “Pillowtalk” has already debuted at number one on different international charts, including US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.
Make sure you check out the album, but be forewarned- you might need to take a cold shower to cool down after listening to Mind of Mine. From the lyrics, to the vocals, to the eccentric rhythms, this album is straight fire.

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