Seattle-Bases Rapper, Keyuntae, Releases New Project, ‘Jewels’

Early Career

Native North Carolinian Keyuntae has been in the music industry for years. He first began rapping at 12 years old, experimenting, and finding his style.

In his early career, he joined rap group Da Realest And Most Anticipated, better known as Drama Squad. Group members were long-time friends who grew up in the small town of Enfield, North Carolina.

Exposed to poverty, violence and drugs, inspired the group to turn to music instead. Throughout the years, the group gained recognition and earned multiple awards.

Still, after a few years, Keyauntae decided to leave the group and launch into a solo career. He released his first album May 23, 2012, titled Four:23 No Way Out. He came back again on February 20, 2014, and released his second project, Prelims, an 18 track record.

Newest Release

Just a few days ago, he finally came back to released long-awaited seven-track EP, Jewels. Produced by Mr. Magnificent and mixed and mastered by Khrysis, one of the producers of the Justus League.

Throughout the album, he uses nostalgic beats and iconic samples to accompany his classic Southern flow and lyricism, while describing his realities as a Black man in America.

Additionally, he addressed current social issues of today, “I wanted to create a body of work that, in all, presented my growth as a Black man, put a spotlight on the authentic experiences and issues of Black people,” said Keyuntae, “and captured the energy and spirit of the music that empowers the Black community.”

Still, he also expresses his optimism, awaiting a better tomorrow, and celebrates past experiences.

Similarly, other themes include:

Unpacking the experiences of the Black man in America (Burn), the conflict that comes with Black advancement (Can I?), overcoming depression (Faith), fake friendships (Drift Away), reminiscing on college friendships (Imani’s Interlude Pt. 2), making use of your power and talent (Incipient) and the benefits and burdens of being self-critical (Worst Enemy)

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