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NEWS x MUSE Michael Sandoval talks with musician Sheila E. (Sheila Escovedo) about her latest single with Gloria Estefan and Mimy Succar entitled, Bemba Colorá. The single is a part of her first new album, Bailar coming out April 5.

Her trailblazing legacy as a musician and performer was officially recognized on July 13, 2023, when she became the first female solo percussionist to receive a coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This prestigious accolade further solidifies her status as an enduring icon in the music industry and emphasizes her invaluable contributions to the world of entertainment.

Fans and music aficionados eagerly anticipate the release of Bailar, certain that Sheila E.’s unparalleled musical genius will revolutionize the salsa genre. This album, bursting with contagious energy and heartfelt performances, will undoubtedly carve a new path for Sheila E., showcasing her mastery of multiple genres and cementing her place among the greatest musicians of our time.

Get you tickets for Sheila E’s show in Miami on April 3 at The Filmore by following the link here.